Some words about (non programming!) languages

It took me quite some time to consider if I should write my blog postings either in German or in English. On one hand an English posting could obviously read by more people, so it serves more readers. On the other hand, I have to say, that there are a lot of very very interesting and good English blogs out there, and to be honest good German blogs, dealing about software development, are very rare. And I still remember the times when I was a small boy curious about all this computer stuff and especially software development, but not having the ability to understand all this English written stuff out there. So adding a bit more German content (and I hope I will produce at least read-worthy content) might also be a good idea.
To be honest I still cant make a decision, what might be the better choice. So please don’t be mad if you see some posts in German and some in English. Furthermore, please forgive me the mistakes I am making when writing in English, it is not my native-tongue but I will give my best.

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