If Scala is like Lego, I have to make it my major

Over the last weeks there have been heavy argumentation about simplicity vs. complexity of Scala. WarpedJavaGuy’s, Michid’s and Betrand’s Blog Posts flamed discussion and a lot of interesting comments and thoughts about the topic.

Martin Odersky has also replied to this with some comments and yet another Blog Post. I really don’t want to start a new discussion here, so I leave the arguments in favor and against simplicity untouched. What I kinda liked most in Martin’s post was the commodity items analogy, and especially the Lego vs. Playmobil one. Personally, I have always been a Lego-Guy and I couldn’t understand how all the other kids could actually have fun with Playmobil. It was to limited and predefined for me, it was not able to scale along with my ideas. Occasionally, I have been using a Lego metaphor when I try to explain to people why I love programming so much and how it is like to me. So, if Martin is saying Scala is like Lego, and that makes quite a lot of sense to me, I guess I should have a closer look at it and put some blocks together.

So everyone who loves Lego should start learning Scala? Simple but elaborated building blocks which can easily be combined to any complex system? Only limited by your creativity and your skills in putting them together? Well, let’s give it a try.