Get rid of all your facebook picture tags in one click

Okay, this post is not really programming related, but as I often stumbled upon the question “How can I remove all my tags in facebook pictures?”, here comes the answer. I guess there are various reasons why you would want to do so. What ever yours are, here is how you do it:

We will use a simple script and a tool called Selenium IDE to achieve our goal. Before you start, download the script. No worries, it is plain text XML, so you can actually check what is done by it (thus, no harm to your computer ;-)).

I assume you are already using Firefox, if not, download it now. Next install a nice add-on called Selenium-IDE (you may remove it afterwards, as you wish).  Just click on this link and follow the installation instructions, don’t forget to restart your browser afterwards.

Once your browser is restarted, click on View -> Sidebar -> Selenium IDE. You will see Selenium IDE on the side of your screen. Make sure the record button (red circle) is switched off. Next select File -> Open…, then choose the previously downloaded script from the location where you stored it. Go to facebook log in to your account and go to your “tagged pictures” section. Select the first picture. You should now see your picture, and a list of people that are tagged in this picture below it. Now it is time to start the script, click on play current test case button (green circle) and see how the script is removing your tags. The script will remove your tags from approximately 30 pictures, if you have more pictures, simply click on play current test case button again.

Note: Sometimes the script seems to skip single pictures or hang it self up. In any case, just go back to your “tagged pictures” and click on the first picture that is left. Just repeat the steps above, until all tags are gone.


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