Double Challenge #5 – More Sports, More SUGH

Is it time again? Seems like it has been a while since I have started the last double challenge. So let’s have a quick retrospective and an outlook on the next challenges.


In one word: successful. In nine words: successful, but still a lot of work to do. We managed to set up a Scala User Group in Hamburg and do our first steps together, but now the actual work begins. I am quite curios where we are going with this and I am looking forward to work on such a great topic with such a nice group of talented people. On the sports front, I was able to find some time in February and get myself a solid basis for next months training plan.

Upcoming double challenge:

So, what are my next goals? I am going to run the Half-Marathon in Kassel together with some friends of mine. The goal is to get physically fit to finish the run without pain in less then two hours. Should be possible, I guess. Regarding IT, I will try to put some more effort into the Scala User Group to establish a communication and discussion space of Scala (and related topics) in northern Germany.


Double Challenge #4 – Scala User Group and Some Sports

Finally! It took some time to finish my last challenge, but in the end I managed to deploy a simple Play application to Heroku and I have also written a tutorial about it. So the curious folks among you might have a look at it, and hopefully get the application running faster than me. Well, probably the writing part took me twice as long as creating and deploying the application. Overall I have to say Play 2.0, Heroku and Scala left a very good impression, individually and in combination.

So what are the next items in my pipeline:

  • Take our work-internal Scala group to the next level and start the first Scala User Group in Hamburg
  • Get fit and healthy for the summer (Exercise/work out three times a week)