Practical Session with ANTLR 2.7.5 (Video Tutorial)

Today I have giving a short introduction into ANTLR (, a famous Parser Generator written in Java and very often used within Java Applications. The introduction was given in form of a practical session at the university in Heilbronn, Germany. The session is based on the tutorial of Ashley J.S Mills ( and covers the following contents:

• Defining grammars (Writing lexers and parsers)
• Using ANTLR to generate (Java) code (parser and lexer) from a grammar
• Using ANTLR command line tools
• Using ANTLR Plug-ins for eclipse
• Using generated (Java) code in programs
• Parsing data from system-in prompt
• Parsing data from text files
• Let ANTLR generate abstract syntax trees
• Debugging an abstract syntax tree

While I have been given a lot of presentation on various topics, this was my first time recording it and producing a video out of it. I must say I had quite some problems in creating the final video (I also lost the first 45 seconds of video, but the voice is still there…), but I think the content might be usefull to some of you.

You can find the cut version of the session at:

Yox can find the hand out of the session at:

If you are interested in the source code, just write me an E-Mail, any feedback is also very welcomed and would help me to decide if I will do more of those videos in the future.