Double Challenge #5 – More Sports, More SUGH

Is it time again? Seems like it has been a while since I have started the last double challenge. So let’s have a quick retrospective and an outlook on the next challenges.


In one word: successful. In nine words: successful, but still a lot of work to do. We managed to set up a Scala User Group in Hamburg and do our first steps together, but now the actual work begins. I am quite curios where we are going with this and I am looking forward to work on such a great topic with such a nice group of talented people. On the sports front, I was able to find some time in February and get myself a solid basis for next months training plan.

Upcoming double challenge:

So, what are my next goals? I am going to run the Half-Marathon in Kassel together with some friends of mine. The goal is to get physically fit to finish the run without pain in less then two hours. Should be possible, I guess. Regarding IT, I will try to put some more effort into the Scala User Group to establish a communication and discussion space of Scala (and related topics) in northern Germany.


Double Challenge #4 – Scala User Group and Some Sports

Finally! It took some time to finish my last challenge, but in the end I managed to deploy a simple Play application to Heroku and I have also written a tutorial about it. So the curious folks among you might have a look at it, and hopefully get the application running faster than me. Well, probably the writing part took me twice as long as creating and deploying the application. Overall I have to say Play 2.0, Heroku and Scala left a very good impression, individually and in combination.

So what are the next items in my pipeline:

  • Take our work-internal Scala group to the next level and start the first Scala User Group in Hamburg
  • Get fit and healthy for the summer (Exercise/work out three times a week)

Double Challenge #3 – Play!

It’s December already, which means it is time for the last double challenge of the year and a quick retrospective.


November’s double challenge was pretty much successful. I’ve taken care of almost all Christmas presents (only minor things are missing) and have read the aimed 250 pages in my Scala book. With that preparation I think I am ready for the next steps in Scala… so here is the goal for this month.

Upcoming double challenge:

  • Deploy a simple Play! application, written in Scala, to Heroku. Why? Recent announcements indicate that the three topics will have a bright future together.
  • Do not drink any sugared/sweetened beverages until Christmas. Let’s find out how many drinks are actually full of sugar…

Double Challenge #2 – Christmas and Scala

It has been a bit more than a month since I ‘ve been writing about the first double challenge. Thus, I think it is time for a short retrospective and a call-out of the next challenges.


The first double challenge was only half a success. Cutting down meat consumption to three days a week has dramatically reduced my overall meat consumption. It wasn’t easy, but I can absolutely recommend this model (maybe start with two or three meat free days a week). I will defiantly stick with the four meat-less-days-a-week model for a few more months.
The technical challenge on the other hand was not that successful. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really find the time to get an application running on cloud foundry. Well, I got quite far with that (it is quite easy), but finding the time to write a tutorial about it was pretty much impossible. Fortunately, some good tutorials about this topic are already existent.

Upcoming double challenge:

  • Buy all Christmas presents until the end of November. Why? To escape the pre-christmas stress! Man, I hate shopping in December.
  • Work myself through another 250 pages of my beloved Scala book. (And write heaps of Scala code on the way.) Why? Scala! 😉

Creating a Better World, One Couch At A Time

Actually I use this blog mainly to post IT related stories. Today I would like to make an exception to that, as there is one story I would really like to share with you.

As some of you may know, I have always been courious about traveling around the world (well so far just Europe, but I will extend that) and meeting new people. One thing, or better to say one idea, that helped me meeting new people and learning a lot about other cultures is CouchSurfing. It is not easy to explain what Couch Surfing actually is, but let’s say the main idea is to create a better, more open-minded and prejudice free world. Aimed high, isn’t it. I recently found a very nice Video in which a lot of couch surfers explaining the idea and their experiences with Couch Surfing.

I found this video on Jan Keck’s Blog who has also just finished the production of his own dogumentary on Couch Surfing. So thanks for the information Jan, and I am looking forward to see your movie!