Downloading Sources of Required Libraries with Scala and SBT

This one is mostly a reminder to myself, as I keep forgetting what needs to be done, to download the sources of required Scala libraries into Eclipse.

Assumption One: You are already using SBT to build your project.

Assumption Two: You are already using sbteclipse to create eclipse project files.

And then: Add EclipseKeys.withSource := true to your build.sbt (more about Settings)


Getting started with Scala

Update: Scala Documentation (an excellent site for getting started with Scala) has just been launched. Make sure to check it out as well.

If you want to get started with Scala, here is a short list with (in my opinion) some of the most important resources to get you on the fast track.

  1. Get a book! I highly recommend this one, but there are plenty out there already.
  2. Install SBT and learn how to use it. (You might as well use Maven with Scala if you really want to.)
  3. Install Scala IDE for Eclipse and use sbteclipse to import your SBT projects.
  4. Get some friends out there, and learn.
  5. And not to forget my personal favourite for quick hacks: Simply Scala
  6. Enjoy!