First Dobule Challenge – Less meat, more clouds

I am quite a fan of Lars Vogels’s Challenge of the Month. That is why I decided to introduce a similar category on my blog. But, as I don’t want to be a typical European copy-cat, I will do it slightly different. Every month I will set up a double challenge for myself. Including one IT concerned challenge and one non-IT concerned challenge. By doing this, I hope it will a) improve my writing, b) improve my IT-skills and c) improve some other areas in my live.

So my first double challenge will be:

Another acquisition by SpringSource (Are we seeing the next big steps in PaaS offerings)

Today SpringSource has announced the acquisition of GemStone, see Rod Johnson’s blog post for some interesting background information. With this acquisition SpringSource has bought in some really good knowledge and solutions in the area of data management and data grid technology. It has been the second acquisition announcement of SpringSource within a few weeks (first one was RabbitMQ). If we also look at the announced partnership between VMware and Salesforce and their strategy behind that partnership, it looks like we are heading for some really interesting Platform-as-a-Service offerings in the upcoming months.

I hope the guys at SpringSource, VMware, Saleforce, Gemstone and RabbitMQ are able to revolutionize the way of developing and deploying Java applications in the cloud, in the same way some of them did already revolutionize Java development in general some years ago. And in my honest opinion, I have no doubt that they will come up with some revolutionizing solutions again.