ISO-3166-1 Country List as SQL Script

How often do you need a drop-down in your application that displays all countries? And in most cases you need it in more than one language, right. I’ve been there a couple of times and finally decided to publish an sql script that could be used to create a countries table and fill it with all countries according to ISO-3166-1.

It took me some time to scan different sources and create my own countries.sql. And that was the main reason for setting up this post, I couldn’t find a page or blog post that had a ready-to-apply SQL script. When I was looking for the spanish translations, I finally stumbled upon Mega Database and its wonderful lists of everything. So you can either go to their page and get your own export of the data, or simply download the script I have attached to this post.

Thanks to for the lists and enjoy displaying those country drop-downs.