Roo 1.1.0 released and millionth question on stackoverflow

Ben Alex and his team down here in Sydney have successfully released Spring Roo 1.1.0. The feature list is long. Promising ones like GAE & GWT Integration as well as Incremental Database Reverse Engineering capabilities are just some of the highlights. Make sure to take a look at Ben’s blog post or visit the official Roo site.

Meanwhile another impressive project has reached a further milestone. Stackoverflow is growing faster and faster and has now listed more than one millionen (1.000.000 !) questions asked and answered by professional and enthusiastic programmers. If you are not yet a member of this fantastic community, make sure to join today!

Does anyone not know about Stack Overflow?

Over the last month I have noticed that during research in the Internet, which in most cases mean copying some stack-trace or error messages into Google and hit enter, more and more results are from a page called stack overflow. So what is stack overflow and why it is worth to have a look?

In one sentence Stack Overflow is a answer and question platform for programming related topics, so nothing special… but… there is something more. In the words of the authors: “The only unusual thing we do is synthesize aspects of Wikis, Blogs, Forums, and Digg/Reddit in a way that is somewhat original.” Indeed it does make it original. As I said in the last month I stumbled upon that page more and more. Right now it is my first source to be looked up. There are 615,130 questions right now, which reflects a growth of about 100.000 questions in the last 10 weeks. The tagging systems makes it easy to find content and the reputation system motivates people to create content.

Overall the page (and the philosophy behind it) has a big potential. I havent been that amazed by a page since wikipedia went famous. So far I am already in the addicted state and have to be careful not to spend to much time on answering questions, adding comments or re-tagging content. So if you are interested as well, have a look! But you did already know the site, didnt you?