Double Challenge #5 – More Sports, More SUGH

Is it time again? Seems like it has been a while since I have started the last double challenge. So let’s have a quick retrospective and an outlook on the next challenges.


In one word: successful. In nine words: successful, but still a lot of work to do. We managed to set up a Scala User Group in Hamburg and do our first steps together, but now the actual work begins. I am quite curios where we are going with this and I am looking forward to work on such a great topic with such a nice group of talented people. On the sports front, I was able to find some time in February and get myself a solid basis for next months training plan.

Upcoming double challenge:

So, what are my next goals? I am going to run the Half-Marathon in Kassel together with some friends of mine. The goal is to get physically fit to finish the run without pain in less then two hours. Should be possible, I guess. Regarding IT, I will try to put some more effort into the Scala User Group to establish a communication and discussion space of Scala (and related topics) in northern Germany.

Scala User Group Hamburg

Die Scala User Group Hamburg ist da. Nachdem wir bereits im letzten Jahr innerhalb der Firma unsere Bemühungen verstärkt hatten das Thema Scala voranzutreiben, wagen wir nun den Schritt an die Öffentlichkeit. Ich bin gespannt wo uns die Reise hinführt, aktuell gibt es noch viele denkbare Richtungen und vielfältige Möglichkeiten sich einzubringen. Zunächst freue ich mich aber erstmal auf spannende Diskussionen bei den ersten Treffen und auf der Mailingliste. Also: Anmelden und Mitdiskutieren!

@all non-german-speakers: Sorry that this post is not in german, but as the User Group is German as well, understanding this post would be of little help for you anyways 😉